For industry standard tests

ProLine is the ideal testing machine for function tests on components and standard tests on materials.

Combined with ZwickRoell’s intuitive testing software the ProLine materials testing machines offer fast and easy operation. All test programs can be used. Development and manufacture of ProLine, including all mechanical, electronic and software components—together with the comprehensive range of accessories—take place at ZwickRoell’s production facility in Germany, so all components work together seamlessly.

Flexure test kit for sandstone testing
Compression test on springs
Compression test on packaging
Tensile test on metals
Tensile test on plastics

Advantages and features

ProLine – ideal for standardized tests


ProLine specifically targets standardized testing of materials and components, making operation of these testing machines notably simple and compact.

Standardized tests on components are diverse: Examples include testing plug and spring contacts in the electrical industry, checking joining and pressing procedures on precision engineered components and ring stiffness tests on reel cores and pipe sections.

In the packaging and food industries testing includes stackability tests on plastic containers and cardboard boxes, open-and-close tests on snap-on lids, pull-off tests on can lids, tear-growth and adhesion tests on plastic films and hoses and pull-off tests on carrying-handles.

Integrated safety in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive

Maximum level of safety for user and testing system is guaranteed. All EC Machinery Directive safety requirements are guaranteed. Compliance is documented with an EC Declaration of Conformity. State-of-the-art safety technology and proven industrial components that comply with the highest level of safety and industrial standards (IEC 60947) are used.

Powerful drives
  • Extremely low minimum speeds can be set with simultaneous high speed-stability. In addition, the drive delivers high crosshead travel resolution. This is important, for example in the case of component testing with high demands on travel precision and tests on specimens with high stiffness and short test travel.
  • The high test-speed range can be used without restriction. In addition, test loads up to 110 % of machine nominal load are permissible to compensate for heavy combinations of test fixtures, accessories etc.
  • Faster return speeds mean reduced cycle times and increased test throughput. The motor employs zero-maintenance AC technology.
High stiffness and precise crosshead guidance

Two steel columns provide highly accurate guidance for ProLine’s moving crosshead. The stiff load-frame profile and generous connecting surfaces reduce the inclination angle of the crosshead under load, enabling very precise alignment and application of force to the specimen. This is advantageous for flexure tests, compression tests, precision tests on components etc.

Safety for the entire testing system

The highest level of safety is achieved with the two-channel safety circuit. It includes the crosshead limit switch, the drive-Off switch, motor break function and the operation mode switch. Relevant accessories are also integrated into the safety circuit. The CE-compliant safety device with electrical interlocking and mechanical guard locking prevents interference with the machine during the test.

Mechanical modularity

Mechanical modularity enables the testing system to be expanded by the wide range of ZwickRoell test fixtures and specimen grips or with customized devices. This is where the highly adaptable, play-free plug and T-slot system comes into its own, backed by a wide variety of crosshead mount options. Specimen grips and test tools can be changed whenever required, enabling a wide range of tests to be performed with the same testing machine and allowing rapid, highly flexible adaptation to the current testing situation.

Short delivery times

With the ProLine materials testing machines’ short delivery time of two weeks, test tasks can be taken on quickly, saving valuable time.


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