For small test loads up to 5 kN

At a glance…

  • easy-to-use, transportable single-column materials testing machine
  • high-quality, cost-effective, space-saving testing system
  • fits easily on any laboratory table
  • the zwickiLine is an extremely powerful and efficient machine

More on advantages and features…

zwickiLine for flexible low-force testing


The zwicki is designed for quasi-static loading with increasing, pulsating or cyclic tests through an electro-mechanical drive system.

It is especially designed for mechanical testing applications with low loads. It is used for tensile, compression, and flexure tests.

The zwicki is particularly suitable for production monitoring, goods inwards checks, for demonstration or teaching purposes in schools and for reliable quality assurance testing.

Integrated safety in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive

Maximum level of safety for user and testing system is guaranteed. All EC Machinery Directive safety requirements are guaranteed. Compliance is documented with an EC Declaration of Conformity. State-of-the-art safety technology and proven industrial components that comply with the highest level of safety and industrial standards (IEC 60947) are used.

Powerful drives

Extremely low minimum speeds can be set, combined with high speed-stability. The drive also delivers high crosshead-travel resolution. This is important in cases such as component tests with especially demanding travel-precision requirements, or tests on specimens with high stiffness and small displacements.
The high test-speed range can be used without restriction. In addition, test loads up to 110 % of machine nominal load are permissible to compensate for heavy test fixtures, accessories etc.

High stiffness and precise crosshead guidance

The stiff load-frame profile and generous connecting surfaces reduce the inclination angle of the crosshead under load, enabling very precise alignment and application of force to the specimen. This is advantageous for flexure tests, compression tests, precision tests on components … and many others.

Modern, high-quality load-frame design
  • Scalable testing machine with two test areas guarantees optimal capacity utilization, saving both time and money.
  • The generous test area depth allows use of larger fixtures and enables bigger components to be tested, which are optimally supported by the wide base crosshead.
  • The new zwickiLine profile has six continuous, freely accessible standard-profile slots for individual mounting of specimen materials, fixtures, safety devices, accessories, etc.
  • The zwickiLine can be operated in vertical or horizontal position as required, and can be swiveled 180° in horizontal mode.
Modern safety enclosure

The CE-compliant safety device with electrical interlocking and mechanical guard locking, a large working area, transparent design and excellent accessibility, protects the operator from flying specimen fragments and other hazards.

Flexible equipment options

A wide range of equipment options enable use of the zwickiLine for tests on plastics, elastomers, metals, composites, paper, cardboard, textiles, foams, food products and components for the medical engineering and pharmaceutical industry. The generous test area depth allows use of larger fixtures and enables bigger components to be tested, which are optimally supported by the wide base crosshead.

Safety for the entire testing system

The highest level of safety is achieved with the two-channel safety circuit. It includes the crosshead limit switch, the drive-Off switch, motor break function and the operation mode switch. Relevant accessories are also integrated into the safety circuit. The CE-compliant safety device with electrical interlocking and mechanical guard locking prevents interference with the machine during the test.

Variable test axis alignment

Fast, ergonomic testing: The zwickiLine testing machine can be operated in vertical or horizontal orientation as required and can be swiveled 180° in horizontal mode. Leveling feet are included for separate installation of machine electronics.

zwickiLine in cleanrooms

Cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical, medical engineering, biotechnology and food production industries have particularly strict requirements. These especially include reliable exclusion of risks from contamination through germs or other harmful substances.

ZwickRoell zwickiLine materials testing machines can be used in production and testing areas of cleanroom classes 5 and 6. Cleanroom suitability of the materials testing machines was validated according to DIN EN ISO 14644 1:2016-06, DIN EN ISO 14644-14 and VDI 2083-9.1.

  • Testing can take place directly at the specimen removal location, without time consuming transfer of specimens from the cleanroom.
  • Direct integration of the testing machine into the production process in the cleanroom (e.g. insulin pen testing) is possible.
  • Biological specimens can be tested without contamination.


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